On Friday February 3rd 2017 the first Technical innovations in Medicine (TiiM) meeting took place in the Prodentfabriek in Amersfoort. Nearly 300 technical physicians, students, teachers, medical specialists and other interested parties attended this edition. Both the location and the program were received with enthusiasm by the participants. The central theme Walk of Life and the diversity of speakers were also well received.

The organising committee of TiiM 2017 wants to thank all participants, speakers and sponsors! In 2018 a next edition of TiiM will take place. The date of the next edition and the new organising committee (on behalf of the NVvTG) that will organize the conference will be announced later.

Until next year!


Tiim 2017 committee from left to right: Janita Dekker (Secretary), Mats Koeneman (Board member NVvTG), Ben Hermans (PR), Jordy Zandwijk (Treasurer), Peter Somhorst (Chairman), Michael Klitsie (External Relations), Nadia Lachkar (External Relations).