Jason Voorneveld

Ultrafast ultrasound for the heart and brain

I am a postdoc working in the Biomedical Engineering Department at the Erasmus MC, specializing in high-frame rate ultrasound imaging and blood flow quantification. Ultrasound imaging is a safe, convenient and cost-effective method for medical imaging and diagnosis of disease. However, the best part of modern ultrasound imaging is really its speed – new technological developments have allowed for ultrasound imaging at thousands of frames per second opening up a treasure trove of new applications and possibilities. One such application is blood flow imaging, where we are able to measure blood flow in the heart, vasculature and brain, in ways never-before possible. As part of the consortium for the Medical Delta Program: Ultrafast Ultrasound for the Heart and Brain(UltraHB), I hope to inform of these latest developments, particularly towards blood flow imaging in the heart and greater vessels. The whole UltraHB program will offer diagnostic methods with excellent opportunities to tackle the major existing and evolving healthcare threats, such as heart failure, atherosclerosis and neurological disorders.