Lars Olthof & Maaike de Jong

Venture developer at NLC & CTO of Scinvivo

Bringing Science to Life

Due to market complexities, at least 95% of all medical inventions never reach the patient, regardless of their relevance and brilliance. Especially at academic research institutes, the transition rate from patented inventions into spin-offs is low, as knowledge institutes are primarily focused on research and education, causing valorization efforts to lag behind.

During this presentation, Lars will tell about his work at NLC, and how they bring together the best tech, the best people and the best capital in order to transform inventions into impactful healthtech start-ups (31 ventures and counting). Afterwards, Maaike will tell about her work as CTO of Scinvivo (one of the ventures in NLC’s portfolio), a medtech start-up using new imaging technologies to revolutionize bladder cancer diagnostics.